Democrats BUSTED on CAMERA STUFFING BALLOT Boxes To Steal Election

Anonymous has the goods on the Democrats, we know it has to be Democrats because they’re the crooked ones, stuffing ballots in multiple states. We’ve expected they were going to try to steal the election, in fact, it’s the only way they can take the White House. Now we’ve got proof and it’s time to invalidate the early voting in all states until we can get some real controls in place.

There seem to be primarily employees or volunteers working to circumvent the system, with one or multiple blockers being used in most of the instances. It’s the same style of stacks of ballots being stuffed into the boxes being utilized in each situation. They paid attention in their Democrat workshops. This is not a cluster of individual random acts. This is obviously coordinated.

In Illinois it’s two women, one blocker and one stuffer. In the next location, the first of two in Pennsylvania, the stuffer is wearing what appears to be a name badge and appears to be at a work station. That’s an apparent indicator that she and blocker, who also has on a name badge, are working or volunteering at the polling place.

In the second Pennsylvania location, three individuals, again appearing to be employees or officials, block the view of the ballot box as a fourth woman loads it up with Clinton ballots. Nobody else is paying any attention; maybe it happens so often it’s no longer noteworthy.

In what Anonymous labeled as the worst incident of the video, four persons take turns stuffing boxes as fast as they can. All of these women, apparently doing their part to get that big Hillary crack into the glass ceiling at the White House, are guilty of serious crimes. They should be immediately arrested, interrogated and made to spill their guts as to who coordinated these efforts and put them up to it. If they don’t want to talk, send them away for a long time. They can share a cell or at least be in the same cell block with Hillary Clinton.

We know where the word to commit these criminal acts originates, at the top of the criminal Democrat Party. Maybe all fifty states and territories can just go back to the same day voting for everyone for this election since the Democrats have completely destroyed the integrity of this system. It is not being protected and the counts cannot be trusted as legitimate, in fact, they are guaranteed to be illegitimate. Clearly their intent is to repeat these criminal acts in as many locations as many times as possible, over and over, every day until the election.

Is this why the criminal leadership at DHS wanted access to polling stations across the nation, so they could help with the theft of the election? Of course it is. They’re all in this “TOGETHER, WITH HER.”

H/T: Rick Wells

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