Dems NEVER Predicted What Happened To Trump Right After Orlando Attack

A new poll shows the Orlando massacre has made Americans take a new look at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States — and a new look at the candidate himself.

As a result, Trump gained 3.6 points on Clinton in just one week, according to a new Reuters survey out Friday. The poll found that 45.5 of Americans support Clinton while 32.3 percent support Trump. The 10.7 points separating the two is a wider margin than the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls, which has Clinton ahead by 6 points.

Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims was supported by 41.9 percent of Reuters poll respondents at the start of the month, but 45 percent of all Americans in this latest survey.

On Monday, Trump said he would suspend immigration from countries with a “proven history of terrorism” against the United States, Europe and allied countries “until we fully understand how to end these threats.”

The poll also showed that 70 percent of Americans want at least moderate gun restrictions. The number was around 60 percent in surveys back in 2013 and 2014.

The Reuters poll has a 3.4-percentage-point margin of error.

Trump’s supporters are not only concerned with fighting terrorism. They believe in his wider message.

Kale Cox, 20, who came to see Trump in Dallas Thursday, said of Trump, “He’s a populist. He speaks plainly about what the issues are, but the media twists those around and play on the knee-jerk reaction from the people.”

That was seconded by fellow rally-goer Aspen Trevino, 25.

“I’m just so supportive of Trump. I’ve been a supporter of him when he first came onto the scene,” Trevino said. “I’m what you would call a nationalist. I believe in America first. … There are inner-city kids in Dallas who need proper meals. Why aren’t we focusing on those problems? Instead of bringing in 60,000 immigrants, why don’t we focus on American kids? All minorities. It’s not racism. It’s an American thing.”

h/t: The Hill

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