Dems ‘Outraged’ At Trump ‘Locker Room’ Talk, But Won’t Talk About What Joe Biden Did to Women

While the mainstream media is hyperventilating over the Clinton deflection that is the fake sex scandal aimed at Donald Trump, they are exposing their hypocrisy on a grand level. It seems that where inappropriate contact is concerned, they just don’t see it when it happens at the “hands” of Democrats.

Turn on the television or pick up a paper today and you probably won’t read about the fact that Russia is saber-rattling in a nuclear way. Instead you will read about unfounded accusations of Donald Trump’s alleged sexual abuse of women. Pay no attention to the fact that Vice President Joe Biden has been groping women – in public and in front of the media’s cameras – for decades.

That the Progressive spin machine is feigning outrage at false stories of sexual abuse at Trump’s expense is laughable. There is ample photographic and video evidence that Biden has repeatedly groped not only women, but young girls right in front of everyone’s eyes. Yet there is nary a peep of consternation coming from the Left.

It is a sexual double standard and a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Progressives are able to get away with sexually abusive behavior because they stake claim to the mantle of “sexual diversity.” Real people, however, don’t look approvingly on grandfather-aged men running their hands over young women’s bodies.

Alinsky Rule No. 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” Because we not of the Progressive world understand that there are limits to how a strange man can touch a women, Progressives hold us to that standard. This is why the mere accusation of inappropriate sexual behavior is a stigma to the Right and benign to the Left.

There is little outrage when Joe Biden stands behind Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s wife – uncomfortably close – and runs his hands up and down her arms, whispering into her ear. While Mrs. Carter was visibly creeped out, the media paid no attention.

No one said a word when Biden groped Sen. Chris Coons’ teenage daughter. Had it been anyone else the media would have been screaming “Pedophile!” and “Child molester!” But because it was Biden it was just “Oh, that’s just Joe.”

In almost every public event where Biden is in proximity to someone’s wife or daughter, he is seen standing inappropriately close and touching them in ways many rational people would deem offensive and sexually aggressive. But in every instance the mainstream media has seen past it a harmless.

So, while the media is having spasms over accusations of Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct, and to date there is no proof that any of it ever happened, they have no interest in actual provable acts of sexual misconduct by the Vice President of the United States, in public, in the purview of the camera lens, and unabashed.

But, then, Biden is a Democrat. He could prance around a gay pride parade grabbing each and every onlooker in the chaps and the media would say, “Oh, that crazy Joe!” Meanwhile, some opportunistic Clinton supporter tries to glean her 15 minutes of fame by falsely accusing an ethical man of sexual abuse and the media treats him as if he was caught on tape having sex with a toddler.

Needless to say, honest and real journalism in the mainstream media is dead, dead, dead.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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