Developing: Tucker Carlson exposes link between “#neverTrump” Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and “Red State”

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller website just dropped a bombshell political report about the “nexus of finance” between Cruz, Levin, Beck, and Eric Erikson, the most vocal critics of Donald Trump. Their war against “the Donald” is all about the money.

Daily Caller: 

On Jan. 13, Ben Jacobs in an article published by the Daily Beast headlined “Pay to Play?” noted that Politico, in an article that now appears to have been scrubbed from Politico’s website, reported on how the GOP establishment seeks to buy Levin.

The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), a “conservative” fund founded by former Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina that backed Cruz in his Senate fight against Obamacare, spent $427,000 to buy copies of radio talk show host Mark Levin’s four-year-old book “Liberty or Tyranny” to distribute to donors – a purchase that should have earned Levin approximately $1 million in royalties.

Despite his many diatribes against Trump broadcast to his national radio audience, Levin hid the fact the son of his fiancé is a full-time staffer for Cruz.

Glenn Beck rolls in cash from Cruz-supporting Super-PAC

GOP establishment political operative David Barton not only runs “Keep the Promise” one of the most prominent pro-Cruz Super-PACs, he also serves as the chairman of Glen Beck’s “Mercury One” charity.

So, the next time you see Glenn Beck on his knees proclaiming that Ted Cruz is the “anointed one,” deemed by God to be president of the United States, you might ask yourself if God also deemed Barton to put at Beck’s disposal the millions in Super-PAC money he can funnel to Beck, so long as Beck continues to sing Ted Cruz’s tune.

Erick Erickson gets $3 million to support “The Resurgent”

Yet even these political whores do not top “conservative” Erick Erickson, founder of, who funds his media venture “The Resurgent” with Super-PAC money from the Ricketts family of Wisconsin, big backers of Gov. Scott Walker (who incidentally endorsed Cruz).

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