DHS Covers Up Illegal Immigration Study in Order to Influence Presidential Election

This week, Donald Trump finally pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls for the first time since the Republican National Convention. Given the amazing odds against him, this is no small feat.

The money is against him, the press is against him, and the political establishment is against him — and that last fact may be a bigger contributing factor than one might think.

It’s easy to see how establishment politicians use their power against Trump, but they’re not the only people in government, and they may not be the most influential, either. Trump supporters were never likely to listen to the opinions of the establishment politicians, but bureaucrats have been controlling the flow of information for years without being seen.

The Department of Homeland Security is no fan of Donald Trump, and now they’re trying to keep him away from the White House by burying a report that exposed the number of illegal immigrants flowing across the southern border.

DHS claims that the study is still ongoing, yet sources close to the situation tell Fox News that it was actually completed in November 2015 and yielded results that would hurt the current administration’s immigration agenda.

Fox’s sources claim that the study showed that 50 percent of the adults attempting to illegally enter the United States at its southern border succeed, resulting in roughly 250,000 successful border crossings a year, and is being withheld for “political reasons.”

“It would ‘look bad’ and ‘help elect Donald Trump,’” one source told Fox.

It should come as no surprise. Barack Obama has stacked the entire government with fellow left-wing activists. Still, even they seem to admit that the truth would help elect Donald Trump.

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