Did Hillary Run Guns Out of Benghazi?


RUSH: Julian Assange at WikiLeaks claims that there are a whole lot more emails coming.  And he says that they are about Benghazi, but not so much what you think of when you hear Benghazi.  Have any of you ever stopped to ask yourself, “What were we doing there?” I mean, okay, we had just wiped out Khadafy, and terrorism rose up in that country out of control.  It was a hellhole.  It was a dangerous place to be.

There was no reason to have to have a State Department annex anywhere near an embassy in Benghazi.  There was no reason for it diplomatically, particularly in the aftermath of having ousted Khadafy, which Hillary Clinton to this day claims was a major foreign policy achievement.  Well, you may have heard over the course of the recent past — a few years or so — that there was actually a gunrunning operation going on out of Benghazi.

Have you heard that?  I have.  I have heard it I don’t know how many times in different ways, and the upshot of it is that we, the United States, were running weapons to the Syrian “rebels” — ISIS — that we were running weapons to Islamic jihadists in Syria, ostensibly supporting their position in the civil war.  When you hear the rebels in Syria, the anti-Assadists and so forth, you’re not supposed to think terrorists or ISIS, and that the ambassador Stevens was there to ensure the free flow of military armaments from the United States to Syria.

Well, now, with the apparent imminent release of more emails from WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, — and he’s intimidating that the emails he has back this up. We won’t know until and after said email release actually happens.  But a lot of people have put a lot of stock in these… I guess you call ’em “rumors” up to now about what we were doing in Benghazi, because of what did happen, because of the four Americans who died in Benghazi, because of the lackadaisical attitude of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The depth of which we’re not supposed to talk about now, and we’re not supposed to have any sympathy for the parents of those people who died.  Isn’t that interesting?  We’re not supposed to even think about — we’re not supposed any sympathy whatsoever for — Patricia Smith or any of the others whose family members perished there, because of government incompetence.


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