Did NBC Tell Hillary to Get Lost When They Ran This Shocking Photo on Air?

There’s good reason to believe that the mainstream media has been owned by the Clintons for decades — they could conceivably get away with murder and the networks wouldn’t say a word.

Oh, right, that’s already happened.

That being said, the chains used to shackle the media might be disintegrating. At the Rolling Thunder Rally in Washington, D.C., tens of thousands of people arrived and thousands held signs. In what could have been a liberating moment, NBC Nightly News aired three full seconds of a “Hillary for Prison” sign, according to The Gateway Pundit.

It wasn’t a quick pan, or a half-second shot — it was three eternal seconds. To give Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton that much bad press — by such a liberal network — was nearly unfathomable.

hillary for prison

This is especially true when we know that the Clinton Foundation’s scandals have barely been reported on by the left-wing media. NBC, ABC and CBS have spent less than five minutes covering the organization’s suspicious foreign donations this year.

One might be able to say that NBC felt a little brave after “Morning Joe” on sister network MSNBC a few days before, which lambasted Clinton about the State Department’s inspector general report. It then published video of the segement headlined: “Mika: It Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is Lying Straight Out.”

Don’t believe us? We can’t blame you. But you can watch it here and see for yourself:

Normally, the anti-(insert candidate name here) material is used against Republicans when broadcast, not Democrats. This has been practiced for years now, during every election cycle that comes around.

But things could be changing.

If the mainstream networks continue to allow anti-Clinton material on-air, even subtly, the chance the Republican front-runner has at winning the White House is increasingly good — after all, no one thrives more on the bad press of his enemies than Donald J. Trump.

H/T teaparty.org

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