DNC Accused Of FRAUD… Wait Til You See Who Caught Them!

The Democrat National Committee has perhaps committed fraud, and the caped crusader who discovered this happened to be none other than presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Politico reported that Sanders penned a letter to DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz pretty much accusing her of tipping a potential brokered Democrat convention in the favor of front-runner candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the letter, Sanders noted that out of the 45 names he submitted for convention committees, only three were chosen by Schultz. Moreover, of the three selected, none were assigned to the Rules Committee.

“If we are to have a unified party in the fall, no matter who wins the nomination, we cannot have a Democratic National Convention in which the views of millions of people who participated in the Democratic nominating process are unrepresented in the committee membership appointed by you, the Chair,” Sanders wrote.

Schultz has basically been trying to turn the potential brokered convention into a coronation of Clinton, or so Sanders argued.

However, the avowed socialist had no intention of allowing this sort of backroom dealing to continue.

“If the process is set up to produce an unfair, one-sided result, we are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention,” he warned.

Apparently, his warning went unheeded, as Schultz responded to Sanders’ letter by issuing a phony statement reiterating the DNC’s alleged commitment “to an open, inclusive and representative process.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire. The fact is that Schultz has a long history of trying to cheat — from directly raising money for Clinton to lining up super-delegates for the front-runner candidate before the first debate had even begun.

But like the old adage goes, cheaters never prospect … especially when there is a caped crusader present to keep them in check.

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