DNC Breaks the Law to Promote Illegal Immigration

The DNC has gone beyond the pale this year in using an anchor baby Karla Ortiz, her illegal mother and a second illegal immigrant, Astrid Silva, to promote illegal immigration at their convention this year.

The child puppet of the Clinton machine was brought on stage to share that she is afraid that her mommy and daddy would be “forced to leave”. The crowd went wild, cheering for this law-breaking family and for the wanton use of a child to promote their open border agenda.

Breaking the law, as we have seen with Hillary, is no big deal, and therefore breaking into this country is also of no consequence to Democrats. In fact, one can almost hear Hillary say, “What difference does it make? Let them all stay, as long as they vote for me.”

Hillary has no shame and will use whomever she pleases to make it to the White House.

Yeah…great job breaking the law.

Everyone is super proud of your family.

In today’s Democrat Party, rules and laws mean absolutely nothing if they hurt your feelings.

It doesn’t get anymore clear than this.

Immigrants are obviously great for this country in many ways.

But that’s not the conversation the left wants to have.

They want to demonize anyone who thinks we should be able to control who comes in and malign anyone who believes that immigrants should come here legally the right way.

It’s pathetic to watch them cloud the issue like this.

Here are some of the responses that started pouring in instantly from the left.

28-year-old illegal immigrant, Astrid Silva, blasted Donald Trump in her speech at the DNC for his promise to “separate families”:

“When I was four years old, my mother and I climbed into a raft and we crossed a river to join my dad in America for a better life,” Astrid Silva, who hails from Mexico, said in remarks delivered to the 4,000-plus Democratic delegation. Silva was the first illegal immigrant to deliver a major speech at either party’s nominating conventions.

“My family and I are here because of people like Sen. Harry Reid,” she said, highlighting the Senate minority leader’s defense of DREAMers, or young adults who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

“When Donald Trump talked about deporting 11 million people, he’s talking about separating families like mine,” Silver said. “Hillary Clinton understands that this is not who we are as a country.”

“I know she will fight to keep our families together. I know she will,” Silver said of the former secretary of state.

Ahead of her convention speech, Silver told Fusion she hoped the invitation to speak demonstrated “the stark contrast” between the Democratic National Convention and the Republicans’ four-day gathering in Cleveland last week, “where undocumented people [were] being called horrible names.”

Forget law and order and rational thought, let’s just let our feelings do the voting and put the Queen of Law Breaking in the White House. If Trump doesn’t make it into the White House America as we have known and loved her will cease to exist.

Source: Young Cons, Washington Examiner

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