DNC Builds Wall Around Stage, Then is Forced to Remove it after Backlash

Constructing a well-designed border wall has been an uncontroversial idea for decades. While immigration reforms have been hard to come by in the United States, most major proposals have included calls for stricter border enforcement — with little pushback from the right or the left.

Then, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign. Suddenly, liberals across the country began falling over themselves to oppose each and every word that came out of the billionaire businessman’s mouth. The wall — which was once thought of as common sense — was turned into a symbol of hatred and racism by those on the left.

Unfortunately, their rhetoric has gotten so out of hand that they’ve been exposed in a number of humiliating and hypocritical ways.

From previous votes to walls around their property, politicians have had to defend their use of walls everywhere. Unfortunately, the person who designed the area around the Democrat COnvention’s stage didn’t seem to get the “no walls” memo.

While the Democrats paraded multiple latino Americans onto the stage of the Democratic National Convention this week in an ongoing effort to paint Trump as a racist, many took notice of the literal wall the committee had built to keep their celebrities politicians protected from the delegates on the floor.

The DNC made an emergency last minute change to the convention stage after receiving major backlash from both supporters and critics. A new clear barrier was constructed to hide the fact that the democrats actually ‘built a wall’…”

It’s telling that, instead of removing the wall, they made it clear instead. THey know they need one, but they would rather not admit it or have anyone notice.

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