DNC Purposely Left THIS Out Last Night…Americans Are FURIOUS!

The Democratic National Convention kicked off on Monday and while there were several things that made Americas blood boil, there were two things in particular that was absolutely infuriating.

1) Out of every speaker that spoke last night, ISIS wasn’t mention once…not once. ISIS is tearing apart our country and other countries, but liberal are so delusional about the threat ISIS poses they didn’t even feel it was important to mention it.

2) The most shocking thing of the night Americans notices was that there wasn’t a single American flag in the convention hall.

Here is what the stage looked like…bland and gray with no flags and no red/white/blue at all.

 (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Contrast that with the stage at the RNC last week:


I’m not quite sure how you can be running a national convention for the president of the United States and not have a single American flag anywhere on stage or any red/white/blue in the color scheme for the convention.

Although, this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise from the left. It’s like pulling teeth to get Obama to fly flags at half-mast when a tragedy strikes, unless it’s something that fits their agenda, of course.

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