Donald Trump claims that he and Bernie Sanders are being robbed

At a rally in Rochester, NY, Donald Trump compared himself to Bernie Sanders and complained that he and Sen. Sanders are both being robbed of their respective parties’ presidential nominations.

Trump’s comparison of himself to Bernie Sanders is bogus. The two parties have different primary systems. Bernie Sanders is behind because he lost too many states by too big of a margin. If Sanders had won Texas instead of Alaska, the Democratic primary would be in a completely different place.

Due to the proportional allocation of delegates, if Sanders had lost Texas, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina by half as much as he did, he would be in a much better position in the delegate race today. The Sanders campaign is trailing because they have been blown out in some very big delegate states.

Bernie Sanders hasn’t been robbed. If Sanders ran better in several states, even in defeat, he would have many more delegates. If Sanders were leading the delegate race, he would be more attractive to superdelegates. The difference between Sanders and Trump is that Bernie Sanders could still win.

Trump is losing because Republicans really are trying to take the nomination away from him. Donald Trump is leading the Republican field, but he made the mistake of assuming that winning the popular vote equals winning the nomination. Donald Trump didn’t know the rules and didn’t properly staff his campaign.

Donald Trump is throwing fits, making threats, and inaccurately attaching himself to Bernie Sanders. Instead of whining, Trump should be opening his checkbook and hiring a big staff to fight for delegates. Trump’s threat was clear. If the Republican Party tries to take the nomination away from him, he is going to burn the party to the ground.

Trump is running of threat cards to play against the RNC, and his fit in Rochester was the strongest indication yet that he has no idea how to right his sinking campaign.

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