Donald Trump Issued THIS Classy Response to the Ted Cruz Scandal

Instead of talking politics, many of the news agencies are still talking about the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal. Trump has had enough of it.

While making an appearance on The Savage Nation, according to, Trump stated, “He started it. But I think it’s now total garbage. Absolutely. It’s ridiculous.”

Cruz tried to link the allegations to Trump, but Donald immediately disavowed any connection to the story at all.

Unlike Cruz, who allowed one of his SuperPacs to go after Melania without so much as a peep out of his corner.

Yes, we know he has no control over what they do, but he could have immediately issued a statement cutting ties.

Even better, he could have come out and apologized to Trump for the ad while denying the connection.

He could have done anything but what he actually did, which was nothing, until Trump went after him on Twitter.

I am very glad Trump put this out there and is willing to move on. There honestly is no place in this race to rip apart family members of the candidates not involved in politics (unlike bad boy Bill Clinton who will be fair game!).

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