Donald Trump Issues Shocking 4-World Solution To Trans Bathroom Debate That Says A LOT

With the Obama administration issuing fiats from Washington ordering local school districts across the country to open locker rooms and bathrooms to transgender students regardless of their actual sex at birth, likely Republican nominee Donald Trump is weighing in, too.

And his solution is one that conservatives should be applauding — especially if they were put off by Trump’s previous statement on the topic.

The federal government, Trump said during a round of morning talk show interviews, has no business getting involved in what should be a decision made much closer to the people it affects.

“Let the states decide,” Trump said on “Good Morning America.” “I believe it should be states’ rights and I think the states should make the decision. They’re more capable of making the decision. I’ve felt that from the beginning.”

It was a message he repeated on “Fox & Friends.”

“I think this should be a states’ issue,” he said. “It’s become a huge story, and yet it affects … a tiny, tiny portion of the population and it’s become a massive story. I think it should be a states’ issue, as many other things should be, by the way. And the states should decide.”

Trump might have said “I’ve felt that way from the beginning,” but his answer Friday wasn’t quite the same as the one the billionaire businessman gave in April. Then he appeared to criticize North Carolina lawmakers who passed a law in the Tar Heel State restricting the use of public restrooms.

The new statement brought a mixed response on social media. There was some praise, and some criticism for the apparent flip-flop. But also some wondering why Obama is forcing the issue in the first place.

As a distraction from everything else he’s been doing wrong for seven years maybe?

h/t: Daily Mail

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