Donald Trump Jr Hits It Out Of The Park For Team Trump, America

Donald Trump Jr took the stage on Tuesday to tell the gathered Republicans as well as the American people across the nation why his dad is the best and only choice to lead this nation out of the mess we’re in.

He says that for his generation this is the most important election of their lifetime, “one that will determine the future of our country and in turn the future of the world.” Noting that his father taught him to make the tough decisions today so that they don’t come back to haunt you later, the younger Trump spoke of the defeatist attitude prevalent today.

He said, “We’ve actually started to believe that solving our great problems is an impossible task. And that’s why we need to elect a man who has a track record of accomplishing the impossible. For the first time parents no longer think that their kids will be as well off as we were. We’ve lost the confidence in our leaders and the faith in our institutions.”

Trump implores the audience, “But remember one thing. We’re still Americans, we’re still one country and we’re going to get it all back. We’re going to get it back better than ever before.” I know we’ll get it back because I know my father. I know when people tell him it can’t be done that guarantees that he gets it done. I know that when someone tells him that something is impossible that’s what triggers him into action.”

He says, “For my father, impossible is just the starting point. That’s how he approaches business projects, that’s how he approaches life. He talks of how he observed his father since he could walk on jobsites rather than hiding away in a corporate board room, talking with the people on the job and valuing their input as much as those with the big titles and positions.”

Trump says his dad promotes people based upon their character, their street smarts and their work ethic, not just upon paper and credentials. To this day many of the top executives in our company are individuals that started out in positions that were blue collar, but he saw something in them and he pushed them to succeed.

He added, “His true gift as a leader is that he sees the potential in people that they don’t even see in themselves.”

He describes how Donald Trump Sr. put his children to work in their formative years not under people with MBAs but under people who had doctorates in common sense. He says that should tell us all we need to know about his father.

But he’s got a few more things to say.

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