Donald Trump Just Dared Media To Ask Hillary This 1 Question

Billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump delivered a major economic address on Tuesday, laying out his plans for strengthening the U.S. economy by forging fair trade deals with our friends and rivals around the globe.

A major part of his plan was to first do away with the massive global “free trade” deals and alliances that inevitably put the financial interests of multinational corporations and foreign countries ahead of America and American workers. Chief among those deals was that of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an all-encompassing trade pact strongly supported by former secretary of state and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

During his speech, Trump made clear that he would essentially rip up the proposed TPP deal “on day one” of his potential administration, and noted that if Clinton were elected president, she would “immediately approve” the lop-sided and decidedly anti-American deal.

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