Donald Trump Just Exposed The New World Order

I was a conservative talk radio junkie. Morning, noon and night. I even starting listening to Morning In America with Bill Bennett. I needed something for the morning slot and Bill was once in the Reagan administration. Quite frankly, the show is nothing more than a parade of neocons trying to sound intellectual. It’s about as engaging as a bowl of dry cereal.

Something odd happened when Donald Trump began running over their anointed candidates. The talkers all began exposing themselves for who they truly are – globalists.

None of them really want a sealed southern border. They more or less want “laws in place” and a “pathway to citizenship” and “you really can’t round up 11 million people”. How is that different from Hillary Clinton?

On trade, none of these people align with Trump. Mark Levin, (The Grating One) has said repeatedly that Donald’s tariffs would cause a depression. Yup. Notwithstanding the one we are currently in that has been glossed over by the media. Need proof? Visit any local food pantry. Even with record food stamp allocations, people still don’t have enough to eat. Levin would rather protect foreign countries than allow strong manufacturing jobs to return to places like Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Foreign policy seems to be the issue that sends the entire neocon establishment into a tizzy. Trump wants other countries to pony up if they want to use the American military as a security force. Sounds reasonable. But Donald also wants to get us out of NATO or at least reduce our role in it. Andrea Mitchell from NBC thinks Trump doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials even though he literally predicted the Brussels attacks. The conservative talkers side with Mitchell, mostly because Trump didn’t spew out mindless doctrinal facts about the nuclear triad. Most Americans have no clue as to what it is other than the holy trinity of the arsenal. But for people who talk for a living, Trump comes off as a vulgarian.

On issue after issue these radio bots align with democrats more than they know. Meaning that there is now a Uniparty with two sides but who share the same goals. Donald Trump has rendered the term “conservative” meaningless. What are conservatives conserving other than their cushy media gigs and the status quo?

I realized that I no longer have a political home. My views on putting America first, cutting ties with Europe and Asia on “free trade” and securing the border are now all obsolete in the Grand Old Party. The libertarians apparently don’t want me because I’m too “nationalist” for their open borders free market economy. When did national sovereignty become racist and xenophobic?

The point is that Donald Trump has even made Ted Cruz look like Hillary Clinton. Cruz was supposed to be the poster boy for conservatism. And he is now the flavor of the month from dusk to dawn, blaring out of AM stations from coast to coast. But Cruz wants soft amnesty through a robust visa program. Cruz was incensed that Trump wanted to step back from NATO and seems very comfortable accepting support from common core advocates like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham. Our government is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the globalist agenda. And Cruz is now clearly the establishment vehicle in the republican party.

If you haven’t turned off the propaganda flow that starts at dawn and in some cases is 24/7 in nature, now is the time. Whether Donald Trump succeeds or not may be irrelevant at this point. Of course we need to do everything we can to help him. But  going forward we have to have a populist, American, nationalist independent party that puts Americans first and runs candidates all over the map. And the only way that party starts is by rejecting the GOP and then organizing much like the Tea Party did. But we need a party with ballot access in all 50 states.

Donald Trump has started a revolution of ideas. But it’s up to us to carry this momentum forward to defeat the globalist agenda.

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