Donald Trump Makes Major Announcement Involving Clint Eastwood…

It was only a matter of time before it happened. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently announced that he’s teaming up with legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood, one of the few celebrities who aren’t afraid to publicly criticize President Barack Obama.

In a recent tweet, Trump posted, “I will be in California this weekend making a speech for Clint Eastwood,” stoking the social media firepit with commentary from every political corner.

One Twitter user responded with, “You’ll be rubbing elbows with a real patriot, Mr. Trump. Many Americans respect what Clint Eastwood has to say.”

While it hasn’t been confirmed, many have speculated that the speech could include Eastwood’s endorsement of the firebrand candidate.

It’s plausible that Eastwood would back the billionaire business tycoon, as said during a 2012 speech at the Republican National Convention that America should give a “stellar businessman” a chance at being president and finally say goodbye to the attorney.

That was the same famous Eastwood skit that involved an empty chair that represented what he would ask Obama in an interview, taking jabs at the president’s mishandling of Guantanamo Bay and his frequent private use of Air Force One.

After the speech for Eastwood, Trump is set to visit several additional cities to speak on “illegal immigration and numerous other topics,” according to his campaign schedule.

Trump’s campaign spokespeople declined to comment on the upcoming event, which is set to take place in California, labeling it as “private.”

(H/T N.Y. Daily News)

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