Donald Trump’s Cabinet Unveils Plan That Will Erase Obama’s Legacy Overnight

In a stunning turn of events, it seems that once 2017 hits and Barack Obama is officially out of office, Republicans, aided by Donald Trump’s cabinet, are set to use a rare policy to undo every single piece of disastrous legislation that the Obama administration have done in the past year. Repeat after me: Oh yeah.

According to reports, Republicans on Capitol Hill are about to use a contract that Newt Gingrich helped author 20 years ago. It’s called the Congressional Review Act and it essentially calls into question all of Obama and his administration’s regulations in America in 2016. It means that anything and everything can be called into question and repealed.

Republicans are readying an onslaught under what’s known asthe Congressional Review Act to cast aside a raft of Obama administration edicts.

“We plan to robustly use the Congressional Review Act to reverse the midnight regulations of Barack Obama,” said Wyoming Republican John Barrasso, who is a leader of the Senate effort. “His legacy lost. The American people said ‘No, we don’t want that. We want to change direction.’ ”

While Barrasso and other Republicans say the tool allows them to rescind “last minute” regulations pushed by the Obama administration, the Byzantine way that time is defined in the act means they will most likely be able to take aim at regulations put in place as far back as late May.

All of Obama’s policies this year have led to America saying “we’ve had enough,” culminating in the election of Donald Trump. That move, by the American people, was a huge move in the right direction. We’ve had enough and the ones listening are now the ones in power.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying: Repeal it all! Set America on the right path, once again.


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