Donald Trump’s Most Important Lesson Growing Up

Donald Trump was asked about his MENTOR and important LESSONS he has learned, in an exclusive live town hall event on the TODAY plaza Thursday morning.   

One voter in the audience asked Mr. Trump, “Can you please share with us a single, most important lesson that you’ve learned growing up, and who do you consider a mentor now, and why?”

Trump responded that the mentor and person who had the most influence in his life was his father, and the greatest lesson he learned was that work is a good thing, and you should work at what you LOVE.

“My father was a builder in Brooklyn and Queens – he built housing, and he loved to work.   I would learn, sitting at his knee, playing with blocks.  Whether it was on a Saturday or Sunday evening… he was always working, and he was a happy man.  I learned that work is a great thing.

I looked at my father, he had a fantastic marriage, for 63 years, they had an incredible relationship.   My father was a very happy person.  And all he did was work.   One time he told me he took a vacation, and he came back early.   What I learned is that if you really work at something you enjoy doing you’ll be happy.   I know some people who are unbelievably wealthy, but unhappy.”

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