Donald Trump’s Son Eric Exposes Every Hillary Voter’s Worst Nightmare

Eric Trump has had enough of Hillary Clinton, as we all are, but the difference is, he’s doing something about it by speaking out and making his voice heard.

Erichas been one of the most vocal of the Trump family, outside of Donald of course, when it comes to the lying shrew known as Hillary Clinton. Thi,s weekend he called in to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show and absolutely DESTROYED her on the topic of being fit to lead.

Listen below and cheer along with me and he dismantles every lie Hillary has ever said, exposing the worst nightmare for Hillary voters – the cold, hard truth.

“Hard-working Americans feel totally left behind by Washington, D.C.,” Eric Trump said on Justice.

“We lost one-third of all our manufacturing jobs. I find it ironic that Hillary spends her life in Los Angeles or the Hamptons [N.Y.]…doing fundraisers” while the elder Trump holds public rallies that draw more the “15 thousand people,” he said.

Trump said his father has been preparing for some time, but “not by memorizing cue cards”.

He “speaks with very intelligent people,” he said.

He also said Clinton is the definition of someone “unfit” to be commander-in-chief.

“Unfit is deleting emails and lying to the Department of Justice and lying to Congress. Unfit is running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American charitable history,” Trump said.

Absolutely RIGHT! Unfit is lying to the American people about your every move, your health, and your privacy when it comes to your political life. If you can’t be transparent, you dont’ deserve to be in government at all.

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