Donald Trump’s Son Just Came Forward With A Huge Revelation That Nobody Expected

As Western Journalism reported Tuesday, Donald Trump’s campaign reached out to supporters to ask for campaign donations for the first time since Trump’s race for the presidency began last year.

The grassroots campaign style fundraising email asked supporters for donations of $10 or $20. Further motivating donors, Trump said he’d match those donations up to $2 million with his own money.

According to Donald Trump, Jr., the fundraising is apparently working.

Trump’s campaign coffers had dwindled down to just over $1 million, while Hillary Clinton’s campaign had over $40 million in its treasure chest. When asked how Trump could compete with Clinton’s cash on hand, Trump responded he was hoping to get the financial backing of the Republican Party, but admitted he’d go it alone if he had to.

On Wednesday, Trump Jr. told reporters the grassroots campaign raised nearly $2 million in just 12 hours. It’s believed that means supporters donated $1 million and Trump matched that with $1 million of his own.

Trump’s dollar-for-dollar matching promise was only good for 48 hours, according to the email sent to supporters. Therefore, loyal Trump fans have until Thursday to donate before time runs out on Trump’s matching pledge.

If the grassroots fundraising is successful, Trump will have raised $2 million and contributed $2 million, thereby adding $4 million within a two-day period of time.

Sizing up apples to apples, however, the potential of $4 million raised still pales in comparison to Clinton’s war chest. If Trump plans to go head to head with the former secretary of state without spending too much of his children’s inheritance, he may need to reach out to the Republican Party with palms up.

h/t: Politico

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