Dr. Carson Shocks Kelly With Trump Comment: “I Hope He NEVER Learns How To Do It”

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson surprised Fox News host Megan Kelly with a comment that might have stunned quite a few viewers as well. In an interview with Kelly during “The Kelly File” on Thursday, Carson spoke about GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s appeal with so many of his supporters.

“Donald J. Trump is not a politician. He doesn’t speak like a politician,” the former GOP presidential candidate said. he then added, “I hope he never learns how to do it because that’s the way normal people are, and it resonates with them.”

Carson went on to say the the Republican establishment needs to understand that this is a “new day” in politics and while it might be a “little risky” going with someone who has never been in a political office, he didn’t know how that would be much more risky than what we were doing already.

He also told Kelly that if Trump utilizes the experience and knowledge of those who have been in politics, “we will be just fine.” Watch Carson’s comments in the video below:

Many of Trump’s supporters would agree with Carson in hoping that Trump never changes — part of his appeal has been his refusal to be politically correct and tow the same line as every other politician.

Carson has expressed support for Trump and has called for Republicans to unite in order to prevent a Democrat from winning the general election.

Some have even speculated that Carson could be in the running for Trump’s vice presidential pick. While Trump’s VP choice has yet to be determined, a Trump/Carson ticket would no doubt be appealing to those who would prefer having a pair of outsiders in Washington.

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