Dr. Milton Wolf Proves Hillary’s “Pneumonia” Story Is Impossible…Plus Another Medical Lie

Dr. Milton Wolf is casting doubt about Hillary Clinton’s alleged pneumonia diagnosis.

In the letter Clinton released Wednesday “to allay concerns after her weekend medical scare,” her personal doctor stated she diagnosed the former secretary of state with “a mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” on September 2.

According to Wolf, no such strain of pneumonia exists.

Wolf, who ran an unsuccessful bid to unseat Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts in 2014, tweeted Wednesday night that Hillary’s diagnosis is “pure fiction.”

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Wolf also retweeted a screengrab of an article from The Hill, discussing how “members of Hillary Clinton’s staff had pneumonia before” Hillary’s September 2 diagnosis.”

Hillary’s doctor and team members can’t keep their story straight, probably because it’s actually very hard to tell lie after lie and not get caught at some point.

Not to mention, Hillary’s doctors claim she got a perfect score on a medical test that doesn’t even exist…

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It doesn’t get any clearer than that. Hillary’s camp doesn’t know what they are talking about and are clearly hiding the truth. Their ignorance just busted them.

H/T: ProudCons

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