Early Presidential Votes From Florida Are In, And The Results ARE…

Florida is a must-win state for Donald Trump if he has any chance of defeating Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

Barack Obama took Florida twice in 2008 and 2012, burying Republican chances. And the state’s importance has grown, with 3 more electoral votes added since the 2010 census to 29, more than 10% of the total needed for victory. There simply is no swing state more pivotal.

Well early voting results are in for the Sunshine State — and the GOP nominee is off to a huge– in fact, historic — start.

Trump leads Clinton by 120,000 votes — the first Republican candidate to EVER lead in early voting in Florida.

Such a result “bodes very well” for the billionaire first-time candidate, according to FoxNews analyst Michael Barone.

The News Alert blog reports (via GP):

Here are the numbers, via the Florida Division of Elections:

2016 General Election

Election Number – 10282 Election Date – 11/08/2016

Republican 881,274 – Democrat 760,003

This is extremely good news for the Trump campaign.

It should also set off alarm bells at Hillary’s campaign headquarters.

Despite Clinton outspending Trump 5-to-1 in the state, and having a astaggering 57 state offices there according to the NYTimes, Hillary is in big trouble in Florida:

Despite these advantages, Mrs. Clinton is struggling in the Sunshine State, unable to assemble the coalition that gave Barack Obama two victories here, and offering Mr. Trump a broad opening in a road to the White House that not long ago seemed closed to him. Mr. Trump is pressing down hard to win the state, campaigning in Miami on Friday and in Fort Myers on Monday, after a rally in Pensacola recently.

Recent polls show Mrs. Clinton is not earning the same support among Hispanics, young people or white voters that Mr. Obama captured when he eked out a Florida victory four years ago in the country’s most hard-fought swing state.

Well duh, insult Hispanics by calling outreach to them “taco bowls,” enrage young Bernie supporters byrigging the primary, and angering Whites by denouncing police as racist and calling for open borders, and you get what you deserve.

Things are certainly looking up for Trump.

H/T: V Liberty

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