Emperor Obama: 4 Most Probable Scenarios Obama Would Use to Retain Office

Barack Obama is a criminal, plain and simple. Who has broken the law more than he, with his outrageous executive orders and his ignoring of clear legal limitations such as immigration laws?

He has also shown himself to be a friend of criminals such as the Black Lives Matter rioters who burned down cities and attacked innocent civilians. He was “down” with Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and seems to side mostly with the thugs in the recent conflicts betweenthe police and “members of the hood.” Perhaps he is looking for “street cred,” though that would be hard for a skinny punk from the Shroom gang to achieve.

Obama has an incredibly out-sized ego, and he somehow thinks that the damage he has inflicted on this nation is a legacy to be preserved.

The political class on the Left and the Right both play a kabuki game of not undoing what their predecessor has done, no matter how atrocious the outcome. For example, Obamacare has shown itself to be one of the worst programs ever dumped on the unsuspecting American public, but it will be with us until doomsday, no matter how bad it turns out to be, or until it is replaced by something worse like sing payer.

But Donald Trump is different, and Obama is very nervous. He is not sure how Trump will play with his legacy. Trump has a long memory, and could very well revisit things like where Obama was truly born, and what his college transcripts contained. Not only could Obama be supremely embarrassed by the revelations, but many of his policies could be overturned and undone.

In particular, if Obama was shown to be illegitimate to the presidency, his military orders would have to be rescinded, legislation he signed would be null and void, orders to the EPA, HHS, and the Justice Department would no longer be in effect, and a whole host of other decisions, declarations, and mandates would be overturned. And that means that Donald Trump is a very dangerous man as far as Barack Obama is concerned, and that the president may have to take some extraordinary measures to ensure that Trump does not attain the presidency.

Barack Obama made a declaration the other day that was unprecedented in presidential annals and outrageous in its assertion. He flatly stated that Trump is unfit to assume the presidency. Rather than trusting that the American people can decide who is best to lead the nation, Obama shared this unwarranted opinion that he knows what and who is best for the nation. It is especially troubling because of its implications. If Trump is truly unfit or unqualified, it raises the question of what Obama should do if Trump is, in fact, elected.

There are multiple scenarios that may cause Obama to take action in order to “save the nation.” Let’s take a look at 3 possiblities…

Scenario #1: Hillary’s Health Fails

Scenario #1: Hillary’s Health Fails

Hillary Clinton appears to be following in Obama’s socialist footsteps, and will only solidify and extend his destructive programs. However, she appears to be quite ill, with frequent coughing spells and a dissipated and haggard look, plus a history of hiding her health problems so that no one is quite certain what is wrong.

In the run-up to the election, with the associated stress and high energy that is required, it is not unfeasible that Clinton could die or become seriously ill, with the result that Trump would likely be elected since he would be running against an empty pantsuit.

Barack Obama could then very easily declare that the election was spoiled and would need to be run again. He would also graciously offer to step in and “keep things running” indefinitely and the coup would be complete.

There is no doubt that Obama is sufficiently presumptuous and lawless to institute such a theft, and there is a huge number of idiotic citizens who would support him.

The second scenario is that Donald Trump wins the election and defeats Hillary, but Obama then steps in and declares again (and we should be prepared to hear it clear until November) that Trump is unfit to run the country, and Obama will not allow him to undertake the presidency and cause unknown havoc.

This would likely be supplemented by some sort of planting of evidence against Trump. If Trump were framed in such a manner, then Obama could try to justify this unprecedented action.

He would declare it his “patriotic duty” to prevent Trump from assuming office in order for Obama to save the nation from certain doom. Of course that will require some martial order and intervention, something former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson has repeatedly warned us about.

Obama has undertaken a number of alarming actions, which would seem to be preparation for some sort of event such martial law. One being the arming a number of agencies including Fish and Game, the EPA, and the Education Department.

He has also been federalizing many local police and sheriffs departments – and massively arming them with weapons of war – so it would seem that he has already prepared to quell any push back.

Even the Washington Times has warned the American populace of Obama’s intent to use the military against it’s own citizens.

These both seem imminently possible for Obama to undertake. And talk about street cred! Obama could launch a coup like Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey and purge the country of his enemies in one fell swoop.

He could even declare himself dictator, which he no doubt has wanted to do since he stepped foot in the White House. He has already assumed the powers of a despot with his chronic lawlessness.

But these are both actions that could give rise to a counter-insurgency. Many claim that this is what Obama ultimately wants – to cast America into a massive civil conflict. And, actually, the Pentagon has been preparing for massive civil unrest.

If Obama wanted to take out Trump without plunging the nation into chaos, there is a clear solution that is not at all out of the realm for Obama to try.

Barack Obama seems not at all bothered with the butchery that has been launched by Islamic terrorists. He does not seem to be phased by the scores of murders in inner cities like Chicago and other large, Democratically controlled locations.

He is not interested in the slaughter of Jews in Israel by Palestinian bombers and killers, because he is a very cold and calculating individual. His clear solution, then, would be for Trump to be murdered.

It could be easily arranged with an Islamic terror attack, or even with the Mexican drug lord an billionaire, El Chapo.

It could even be labelled workplace violence carried out by “mentally ill” member of the military who does the deed, which would allow Obama to denigrate the military and throw the blame their way at the same time.

Or, perhaps it could be an angry minority or illegal alien, which would immediately be dismissed as just desserts for Trump’s “discriminatory” comments. All good for Obama, all completely possible.

There is no question that the main stream media, the Democrat party, and the Justice Department would move immediately to cover for the administration, with all of them expelling a collective sigh of relief that a major disaster of clear electoral representation had been averted.

Of course, none of Obama’s fingerprints would be found on the plan since he would certainly find willing proxies who would happily do the deed because the ends justify the means. And once again, Obama would graciously keep the reigns of power, yet tighten the control, all in the name of public calm and safety.


What is a false flag?

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Historically, the term “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag before (but not while) engaging the enemy has long been accepted as a permissible ruse de guerre; by contrast, flying a false flag while engaging the enemy constitutes perfidy.

While this might seem like the stuff of crazy conspiracy theorists, it just takes a bit of research to see that our government has already admitted to the use of false flags. It’s hardly ‘theory’ at all, seeing how it has been admitted.

An event could be created as complicated as provoking Russia or China into a war with the US, or simply implicating them in an act of war against our nation. Both of which would definitely be cause enough to suspend the elections.

It could also be as simple as a small bomb placed underneath the stage where Trump and Clinton debates. No candidates, no election.

That would seem quite easy for the military-industrial complex to pull off.

While all of this is speculation, there is plenty of evidence that Obama would really like to see the Donald go away, and many examples showing that Obama has no problem in bending and breaking the rules since he always knows best.

Donald Trump is threatening both the establishment politicians and Barack Obama, and he needs to very seriously watch his back, and not just for his sake. The very last thing this nation needs is Emperor Obama – that would mark the very end of our beloved country.

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