ENTIRE Hillary Team Plead The Fifth…And Then Oversight Chairman Drops BOMBSHELL

The Constitution of the United States gives its citizens a variety of rights that shouldn’t ever be taken for granted. There is the First Amendment, which gives people the right to free speech, assembly, religion, press, and petition.

And then there is the Second Amendment, which gives you the right to bear arms. It gives the citizens of the country the right to own a gun if they so choose. Although liberals have contested this Amendment for years, it’s still part of the Constitution and therefore an important right of the American people.

There is one Constitutional amendment that has been overlooked; at least it was until the Hillary Clinton campaign took over this year. It’s one of the Amendments that you always see joked about in television and movies. That would be the Fifth Amendment.

The Fifth Amendment is the right to remain silent. You don’t have to say anything when the police and lawyers start questioning you on certain aspects related to an investigation. Again it’s that statement you hear on television that goes “You have the right to remain silent.”

As stated before, it was one of those amendments that have been overlooked in life. That was until Clinton started running for president of the United States. Her campaign has been full of people that have been asked questions by the House Oversight Committee or members of the FBI. And the vast majority of them have all done the same thing.

They have all pleaded the Fifth Amendment. Now as per the law they don’t have to answer the questions that have been asked. It is their Constitutional right to do so. But it also does one other thing if you continue to do so. It usually means that you have something to hide!

And I’m not the only person that thinks so. Representative Jason Chaffetz, a Republican out of Utah, is wondering the same thing. He’s wondered aloud on why Clinton’s staff continues to plead the Fifth Amendment if Clinton is “clean.”

“If she thinks she’s clean, then tell everybody around her to go ahead stop pleading the Fifth, come to Congress, and tell us the truth because the closes people to Hillary Clinton, they keep pleading the Fifth.” He brings up a good point. If Clinton wants to claim that she is “clean,” which she isn’t considering the mass amounts of scandal that she has had, then why do people continue to plead the Fifth?

Think of it this way. You have a friend and you have seen that they have consistently gotten in trouble and lied about it. You go to approach another mutual friend and talk to him or her about it and they continue to say that they have nothing to say on the matter. Doesn’t that seem suspicious in the slightest? Because that is exactly the situation that is going on right now.

Wouldn’t you want your friends to just come clean on the entire issue? That is what Chaffetz has been saying for a while now. “Maybe it’s time they stop doing that and actually tell the truth to the American people. They haven’t done that yet.”

And the evidence from this has been from the fact that people that have gotten IMMUNITY deals from the FBI have also said that they were going to plead the Fifth. They literally have immunity from all danger! They have absolutely nothing to fear and yet they have continued to say nothing on the issue! That must mean that they have something to hide!

This comes on the heels of Chaffetz releasing a letter from the Director of the FBI, James Comey, that told lawmakers that the bureau wasn’t going to change its conclusion into the investigation into Clinton’s private email server and whether the former Secretary of State had mishandled classified information.

This all started because Comey had told Congress that they were going to reopen the Clinton email case after the FBI had discovered about 650,000 new emails that were potentially relevant to the investigation. But after eight days, they had said they found nothing.

But that just asks the question. How can you go through 650,000 in eight days when it took a year to go through 33,000? That is simply unsustainable! It’s over 31,000 emails a day! That record pace is something that cannot be done! And yet it’s something that the FBI has claimed to have done.

Of course Clinton isn’t the only person that has pleaded the Fifth in the past. Someone else that has done that has been the Attorney General of the United States. Yes Loretta Lynch has essentially pleaded the Fifth on questions that were related to the secret Iran payments that dominated the news media this past summer. The same argument can be made for Lynch that was discussed above. What is she hiding?

Speaking of those Iran payments, President Obama was the one that authorized them. He gave them $1.7 BILLION that could have been used to help out THIS country and yet he thinks it is a good idea to give it to a country that was torturing the people that were released! Iran literally left one of the hostages for dead and yet Obama rewarded them with money that they can use for whatever they want!

Share this article to show that people in Congress are getting tired of hearing about how Clinton is supposedly “clean” when everyone that is around her continues to plead the Fifth and not answer questions. Again if someone continues to claim that they are “clean” and yet they don’t answer any questions, there is a lot of doubt in the air.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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