EpiPen Price Gouge CEO: Daughter Of A Democratic Senator And A Clinton Foundation Donor

While outrage continues over the rapid price incread of the life-saving EpiPen–an act some are calling price-gouging–we’ve learned that the company responsible for the increase, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, is a Clinton Foundation donor helmed by the daughter of a Democratic Senator.

Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO Heather Bresch, daughter of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, is being criticized for Mylan’s 400% increase in the price of the epinephrine auto-injector over a short period of time. The increase has led retailers to charge up to $600 for the device, which cost closer to $100 when Mylan acquired it from Merck in 2008.

Senator Minchin was an early supporter of Clinton, having officially endorsed her in April of 2015.

Mylan CEO Bresch reportedly earned a salary of close to $19 million in 2015, an increase in 671% over the same period in which the EpiPen rose in price.

In addition, Mylan has contributed up to $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation according to the foundation’s records.

Despite the connections to Clinton, the Democratic nominee has been critical of Mylan Pharmaceuticals actions. “That’s outrageous – and it’s just the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers,” Clinton said in a statement. “I believe that our pharmaceutical and biotech industries can be an incredible source of American innovation, giving us revolutionary treatments for debilitating diseases.”

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