Eric Bolling: How do you respect a president that has no respect for the American people?

As Bizpacreview reported:

Fox News host Eric Bolling said President Obama’s actions throughout his term in office — and especially recently — have made him lose respect for him.

“I used to respect President Obama,” Bolling said on “Cashin’ In” Saturday. “I vehemently disagree with the liberal, progressive agenda President Obama has perpetrated on America, but I always respected his accomplishments.”

Bolling said that respect is a two-way street and has to be continually earned. Then he played several clips of Obama speaking to the American people in a condescending manner and more-than-likely lying.

“Respect is earned, and as Mr. and Mrs. B always said to me, ‘Respect someone until they stop respecting you,’” Bolling said.

“Unfortunately, I believe we have arrived at that point now.”

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