Eric Trump Goes NUCLEAR, Drops A Bombshell That Has Hillary Freaking Out

Eric Trump once noted that “Hillary’s been a politician longer than I’ve been alive,” dropped another bombshell about her today. He said that Hillary lived off the tax dollars produced by others.

VIA Western Journalism

Speaking on America’s Newsroom, Eric Trump called Clinton’s criticism of his father “ironic.

“She hasn’t created a single job in her entire career,” he said. “She’s been a career politician. She’s lived off of the U.S. government.”

“She’s lived off of your tax dollars and my tax dollars and every hard-working American’s tax dollars her entire life,” he added.

“My father, on the other hand, has built a business that’s incredible …. He’s lived the American Dream,” Eric Trump said.

Eric Trump noted the contrasts in how they are funding their campaigns shows the differences between them, noting that Trump has put his own money into his run for the presidency, but Clinton is using money from special interests.

“Hillary goes to every Wall Street bank and has them fund her campaign,” he said.

Eric Trump also noted that taking legal tax deductions is something done by all Americans.

“She takes legal tax deductions. If you have a legal tax deduction, you should take it,” he said, noting that his father has labeled America’s tax system “insane.”

“The only people who get rich are the tax accountants who work tirelessly and at huge expense,” he said.

“If you’re in private industry, you use the laws to your advantage,” said Trump, who also said that creating a simplified tax system has been among his father’s campaign priorities.

During the interview, the subject of Donald Trump’s recent pre-dawn Twitter rant was mentioned. Eric Trump noted that being awake at 3 a.m. was a symptom of his father’s energy.

“Maybe that energy is sometimes a little bit of a downfall of his, but he’ll be there to answer the call when things go bad. He works harder than any human being alive,” Eric Trump said.

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