Eric Trump Just Revealed The Final Straw That Caused His Father To Run For President ‘Game Changer’

Eric Trump, son of billionaire and presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, recently spoke with John Catsimatidis on his show the CATS Roundtable about Trump’s presidential propositions. Calling his father his “best friend,” Eric spoke with fondness and admiration for a man who taught him to be a good businessman.

He also gave a long list of reasons why his father chose to enter the race for president. He told Catsimatidis his father was sick and tired of Washington gridlock, the country’s extreme debt, the financial depletion of the military, the numerous terrorist attacks on U.S. soil and overseas, the mismanagement at the Veterans Administration, and the poor education of our nation’s schools.

He called the government “bloated” and “gluttonous” and said his businessman father will make a difference as president, if elected.

“I think honestly the Iran nuclear deal was one of the things that what made him jump into the race,” Eric said.

“Giving 150 billion dollars that hates our guts, Iran! … Just imagine the amount of good that money could do if we just reinvest it in ourselves,” he said, adding, “We just can’t stop wasting money (as a country).”

“That’s when he finally said to us, ‘Kids I’m going to do it,’” Eric explained.

Catsimatidis said he has known Trump for 35 years and predicts the Republican candidate will carry between 15 and 20 percent of long-time Democrats in the general election come November.

“He’s really doing this for all the right reasons. He’s doing this to save this country,” Eric concluded.

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