Eric Trump Reveals Life Growing Up With “The Donald” … And It’s NOT What You Expect

When asked this week whether his father raised him up to be a “spoiled brat,” Eric Trump made it clear that his father, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, had in fact taught him the meaning of earning one’s keep.

“I have great parents,” Eric told Fox News host Megyn Kelly, adding that his father used to take him and his brother to construction sites, where they would either help run electrical wiring or break down walls with a sledgehammer.

“He wanted to teach us the trades of what we do every day, which is build great buildings and build great projects,” he continued. “And again, if we wanted a bike, we went and bought that bike; if we wanted a fishing rod, we went and bought that fishing rod.”

What they wanted, they had to earn the tried and true way. Good for them.

There is a caveat, however, in that The Donald did spoil his children in one minor way.

“He always believed in going to great schools and getting great grades and really taking education very seriously,” Eric explained. “But at the same time, he put us to work. There really was no free time.”

So in retrospect, Eric and his siblings had the great advantage of being able to attend some of the best schools in the nation. But thankfully, their father made sure to supplement their prestigious education with a not-so-formal one in what folks like to call work ethic.

It sounded as if Eric’s father did a tremendously good job raising him up to be a dedicated, appreciative and hard-working man who toils diligently to meet his responsibilities and take care of his family. Like father, like son.

And perhaps even like father, like future president, because a candidate capable of raising a filthy rich boy to be a gracious and responsible man might just be a candidate capable of transforming America from a nation of welfare leeches and complainers to one of winners and hard workers.

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