Erica Walker Steps on US Flag in front of Vets

Erica Walker has taken her flag desecration to an entirely new level on May 2, 2015.  New video has surfaced of Erica Walker after it was posted to youtube by her friend.

This video shows the single most disrespectful act to the US military that I have witnessed so far in my life. Erica Walker steps on an American flag in front of active soldiers, and then laughs about it when they turn their backs:

Erica Walker Steps on Flag In front of US Soldiers

This actually doesn’t take much guts at all. This occurred in Baltimore, the same city where the Mayor told the police to step down and give people the space to loot and destroy. There is no doubt that these soldiers were told to stand down, and could do absolutely nothing about it.

A unidentified man in the crowd notices this and tells Erica to turn around.  Erica turns around and then laughs, because to Erica, disrespecting the US Military is obviously funny.   Another unidentified man can then be heard saying “You got them”.

A picture says a 1000 words, what does that still photo of her smiling at the end of that video say to you?    I have also caught the same exact thing happening at Wright State University, #Ericsheppardchallenge protestors say they don’t intend disrespect to the  US Military when the news is interviewing them on television, but as you can see in the video below, when the TV cameras are off it’s an entirely different story:

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