WOW: Establishment Is So Desperate That They’re Doing THIS To Stop Trump!

What they’re up to now is a direct affront to democracy!

Via CNN:

A delegate to the Republican National Convention has filed a lawsuit against Virginia officials as part of a long-shot attempt to avoid voting for Donald Trump this summer in Cleveland.

Carroll Correll is suing Virginia election officials in federal court, arguing that his right to free speech is infringed upon by legal requirements that he cast his ballot for Trump. His suit comes as efforts to unbind delegates and subvert Trump at the convention intensify, though remain very unlikely to succeed.
Correll is bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot at the convention. Trump won Virginia’s primary on Super Tuesday.

Free speech? What about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE!? You knew what you were getting into when you decided to become a delegate. You don’t have the right to ignore the rules just because the outcome isn’t what you wanted! I don’t this will go anywhere, but it is still sickening that the Establishment is trying so hard to stop Trump!

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