Every Single Black Person In America Saw This Video And Immediately Voted For Trump

See pastor Belinda Scott’s speech that has shaken the foundations of her church in Cleveland when she told her anecdote of how she met Trump and how the Republican candidate showed enormous reverence for them.

Below are her memorable words.

VIA Liberty Writers News

“Mr. Trump has a reverence for clergy that I’ve never seen in my 59 years of life. I know it’s hard for you all to believe that the man that they show in the media is different. I’m here to tell you, this is a different man. This is a man a unique man. This is a leader. This is a person who will be great for our nation. This is a person who will be good for black Americans. This is a person who will be good for black women. My concern, whether you know me or not, will be great for our military.”

I wonder when the mainstream will stop lying and show the real Trump. Here is the real Trump.

At the end of the video you can see Pastor Belinda Scott and the other pastors laying their hands on Trump and praying.

Father, we thank you in the name of Jesus that you raised up a man for such a time as this. God, we ask you right now that your choice is this choice. We believe that you ordain things. You said all authority is of you. Now, God I ask that you would touch this man Donald J Trump. Give him the anointing to lead this nation. We thank you God that as a room full of clergy, a roomful of leaders, a roomful of business owners, mothers, wives, husbands, father, we ask for help. And we ask you God to let that help be in the form of the next President, Mr. Donald J. Trump. We ask you, God, to bless him. Keep him safe. Give him the wisdom and the strength to lead this great nation in Jesus name Amen!”

Will every single patriot in America leave a prayer for Trump in the comments?!!

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Yes. I believe they will. Our government is filled with snakes. They have sunken their teeth into the capitol. They want the downfall of our laws and our Republic.

From this day on we start to eradicate the corruption that has crippled this nation and that has taken refuge in the White House under Obama with the help of the Clintons.

This is a time when we must overcome our differences and fight off the wickedness that wants to ruin this great country. The war will end in November when all patriots will cast their votes for the one man that can make that happen- Donald Trump.

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