Ex-Black Panther May Put Him in Danger After Revealing THIS About Obama

A former member of the Berkeley Black Panther Party in a recent interview has said something about President Barack Obama…something that is putting him in the news. Something…that could put him at the risk of being killed.

“Barack Obama hates America,” the former hate-filled race hustler, Clarence Mason Weaver, said during an interview with The Daily Caller.

“His job is to divide by differences and manage our differences,” he continued. “He has done nothing but drive us apart. (He) hates America. It doesn’t matter what color the pimp, the drug dealer, the con artist is.”

Note that these wise words originated with a man who once hated white people so much that he reportedly broke up with a girlfriend merely because she owned a white dog.

His attitude abruptly changed in 1971, when a racist white man tried to kill him because of his skin color. Rather than responding with anger, Weaver had an epiphany that forever changed his life — and that he hopes other black Americans will also experience.

“What would happen in black America if we forgave, real or imagined, the wrongs that we have?” he asked. “What would happen is healing, progress and success with family reunification.”

But instead many black Americans have chosen the path of resentment instead and now align themselves with “Black Lives Matter,” which Weaver contemptuously referred to as “Black Lies Matter.”

At the root of this resentment, the ex-Black Panther argued, is liberalism, which he maintained “destroys people like a drug dealer — a pimp who manages you and keeps you down.”

He added, “Liberalism is slavery — always has been and always will be.”

And those blacks who eschew liberalism in favor of conservatism always wind up paying a hefty price with the left in reputation and, sometimes, in more sinister ways as well.

Wonder what is going to happen when the race baiting Obama leaves the White House and the Black Lives Matter and racial activist are not invited to use the White House as club house.

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