EX-CIA DIRECTOR Panetta IS BEGGING AMERICA: Please Forget About Clinton Emails!

Well, we have that too, ex-CIA director is begging the public to forget about Hillary’s emails. He is not nervous about it, he is not angry about it, but he wants we to stop worrying?! Come on Leon, why are you doing this?!

Former Defense Secretary and ex-CIA Director Leon Panetta called on the American public to “move on” from Hillary Clinton’s emails and focus on the “real issues.”

“It’s been investigated, no action has been taken by the Justice Department,” Panetta told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week.” “They found no basis for any kind of action.”

“I really do think it’s time for the candidates and for the American people to move on and talk about the real issues,” he added.

Raddatz then asked Panetta if he finds “anything wrong with a billionaire businessman donating to the foundation and then asking Clinton’s senior State Department aides for favors?”

Panetta said it only matters if anything was done in return for a donation, which nobody has been “able to pin down that that actually happened,” he said.

And as for the Clinton campaign claim of a conspiracy against her, Panetta called it “politics.”

“Opposing parties are always going to make attacks. And you’ll make attacks on the other party. That’s part of the nature of the game,” he explained.

Nope, attacks are if one party say something about the other party, this is not just simple critic, this is totally new and huge scandal that needs to be addressed by the public, and has to be investigated, trialed and those guilty if any, punished.

And we must not forget it, no mister Panetta, we are not going to move on, this is too important.

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