Ex-Clinton Lover Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary During RNC That Every Voter Needs To Hear!

Dolly Kyle sat down for an interview with The Point at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week and revealed some things that will certainly not make the Hillary Clinton camp very happy

Kyle was the childhood friend of Bill Clinton who had a sexual affair with Bill for many years and has known Hillary for more than 40 years, so it’s safe to say she knows more about the Clintons on a personal level than anyone else in Washington.

Here is what has been reported…

From The Point:

“I believe Hillary is cognitively impaired,” Kyle told The Point. “I know that she’s been a pathological liar for 40 years, and she can’t tell the truth from fiction. Because she believes her own lies.

“The problem in Benghazi is one of these things. She cannot, she absolutely cannot function in an emergency situation,” Kyle said, “and she cannot properly plan for something.”

Since that basically describes the job of president, that should spell problems for a woman seeking the most powerful office on earth – and her supporters.

Kyle’s book, “Hillary: The Other Woman: A Political Memoir” details a lifelong relationship with the Clintons that started when Kyle was 11 and young “Billy” Clinton was 12.  In the book, Kyle maintains her relationship with Billy remained sexual through the years, even when both were married to other people.

That gave her a unique perspective on the power couple of Democrat politics – especially Hillary.

“Hillary has been going around, cleaning up after Billy, all these many decades,” she said. “They can’t tell the truth about anything.”

So, what exactly was it that compelled Kyle to write the tell-all book?

…what really compelled her to write the book, she said, was seeing a Hillary Clinton television advertisement in December where the former first lady and secretary of state declared that any woman who claimed to have been raped or sexually abused deserved to be believed.

“It made me so angry, I wanted to throw a shoe at the television screen,” she said. “Support them unless the rapist and sex abuser was her husband, Billy Clinton, whose coattails she was busy riding to the White House.”

Clearly, Hillary Clinton supporters do not care that they are supporting the most corrupt politician to ever enter Washington. There has been scandal after scandal and a list a mile long of all the corruption the Clintons have been involved in, yet that doesn’t matter to her voters.

However, we can be the patriots that spread the message far and wide!

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