Ex-Rep. Reveals What Obama’s New Citizenship Oath Really Means… Muslims Thrilled

For generations, people who became citizens of the United States of America had to swear an oath to this country as the last step to becoming full-fledged Americans. Breitbart reported that under President Barack Obama, that oath has now been changed in an absolutely sickening way. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo stated in an interview that immigrants no longer have to swear to defend the United States.

Part of the oath required people to state,”If called upon, I will indeed take up arms to defend the United States of America,” but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service decided in July 2015 that immigrants no longer needed to say those words.

“They have told immigrants now — the next 18 million that are in the pipeline — they do not have to take that part of the oath. It’s still in there, but they’ve said it’s optional; you don’t have to swear,” Tancredo said.

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