EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Paul Nehlen – The Man Who Can End The Paul Ryan Nightmare

There’s a road less traveled; it’s a quiet road with hardly any traffic. However, it’s a bumpy ride, loaded with wicked curves and plenty of potholes – some deep enough to swallow amateurs whole.

Sounds like a dangerous ride, and in many ways it is. However, that’s to be expected when you’re cruising the political highway that stretches from Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district to the steps of the United States House of Representatives.

It’s a familiar journey for globalist Paul Ryan, whose been making the trek since 1999.

After 17-long-years, he can drive it with his eyes closed.

Cruise control.

Top down, seat back, radio blasting, and not a care in the world.

Paul Ryan is an easy rider.

Career politicians like Paul Ryan have forgotten what it’s like to have a “rough ride.” That type of suffering is reserved for forgotten constituents and former opponents left on the roadside hacking up dust.

Yes indeed, it’s smooth-sailing for DC establishment hack Paul Ryan.

Or is it?

If Paul Ryan weren’t such an arrogant elitist, he’d check his rearview mirror and notice that trouble was fast-approaching on the back of a Harley.

Paul Nehlen is that “trouble,” and he’s running an insurgent campaign to secure America’s borders and American jobs, and this successful businessman and tattooed Harley-rider is giving Paul Ryan a run for his money.


I spoke with Mr. Nehlen yesterday about the campaign, his opponent Paul Ryan, and a race that has become much bigger than just Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district. Mr. Nehlen agreed, “Yes, it’s bigger because of who Paul Ryan is,” he began, “He’s the Speaker of The House.”

A very unpopular Speaker of The House.

That got me wondering about the people of Wisconsin and what they thought of Paul Ryan. Nehlen knows first hand – he’s taking his message of secure borders and job recovery to porches all over Wisconsin. “The people who support Ryan like him” Nehlen stated, “They just aren’t sure why,” he chuckled, “When I ask a Ryan supporter what they like about him, I get a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. I think they’re used to him,” he surmised.


That’s the problem with 17-year-career politicians – voters get so used to them that they stop paying attention, and that’s usually when all hell quietly breaks loose.

Which is precisely Nehlen’s point.

“Paul Ryan supports Obama’s top three 2nd term agenda items,” Nehlen points out, “Open borders, and amnesty, crony trade deals such as TPP, and criminal justice reform which will unleash drug distributors and foreign nationals into American neighborhoods,” he warns.

Whoa, hold on – drugs in Wisconsin? I thought everyone was eating cheese fondue and playing Yahtzee?

Nehlen quickly corrected me, “Sadly, Wisconsin is known for a different kind of cheese,” he revealed, “It’s a deadly blend of heroin and cough syrup, street-name, Cheese.”



Nehlen went on to describe a heroin-horrorshow playing out in the neighborhoods of Racine County, where kids as young as 14-years-old are hooked on smack. “Cartels are using our open borders to bring in drugs and utilizing sanctuary cities to set up shop,” Nehlen stated.  He goes on and places blame squarely at the feet of the House Speaker, “Paul Ryan and Barack Obama sweep the drug problem under the rug and call it a pharmaceutical issue,” he boldly claims.

It’s a convenient explanation which Nehlen dismisses as political spin. “That’s wrong,” he asserts, “It’s an open borders and sanctuary city problem.”

He’s got a point.

After all, Paul Ryan, like Barack Obama, is an open borders globalist who is more concerned about keeping his big money donors happy than protecting 14-year-olds from heroin pushers in his home district.

Top down, seat back, radio blasting, and not a care in the world.

It struck me, as I spoke to Mr. Nehlen, that his insurgent campaign of borders and jobs echoes Mr. Trump’s America First platform, so I asked him about the GOP candidate whom he endorsed several weeks ago.

“We both have successful business backgrounds, and I agree with his temporary ban on Muslims and the border wall. However, I’d take it a step further,” he began passionately. “We need to know who every single person is that comes into this country,” Nehlen continued, “Would you go to sleep at night with your doors wide open,” he asked, “That’s what we’re doing right now. Sleeping with our doors wide open.”


Speaking of endorsements, it’s no secret that Mr. Nehlen’s opponent, Paul Ryan has been inordinately critical of Mr. Trump, leaving some to question Ryan’s motives and his party loyalty.

“Ryan is Brutus to Donald Trump’s Caesar,” Nehlen artfully declared.  He’s convinced that that Ryan and Obama are working together, “Ryan funded everything for Obama with the Omnibus bill, and he’s looking for ways to take out Mr. Trump.”

Mr. Nehlen’s not alone in that thinking, it’s a popular theory amongst Trump supporters, who also speculate that Speaker Ryan is running a shadow campaign against Mr. Trump, portraying the GOP nominee as the villain, while Ryan once again, plays the role of the reluctant hero.

I asked Mr. Nehlen his thoughts on a possible “nomination coup” by Speaker Ryan, he laughed and didn’t take my “tinfoil hat” bait, but he did share a closing thought on the man who he is working tirelessly to defeat.

“Paul Ryan is a career politician, he’s not going to fall on the sword for a “uni-party,” he began, “He’s too self-serving for that.” Nehlen proclaimed. “Paul Ryan hasn’t skinned his knee on a single conservative issue over 17-long-years,” he said, “And he’s not about to start now.”

Top down, seat back, radio blasting, and not a care in the world.

And with that, our interview had come to an end.

The road beckoned……

Mr. Nehlen bid me a fond farewell and boldly returned to the road less traveled, dodging potholes, and owning those wicked curves like a pro, all while edging closer to the high and mighty Speaker of The House, Paul Ryan.


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