Experts Reveal Exactly Why So Many Voters Trust Donald Trump… It’s Not Why You Think

Experts recently revealed what could be the reason behind so many voters trusting in billionaire businessman Donald Trump, and it’s not exactly what you may think!

When you ask a Trump supporter why they love Trump, the answer is usually something like, “he just tells it like it is,” or “he isn’t afraid to tell the truth,” — answers that point to the reliability of Trump to his supporters as well as a tacit trust between candidate and voter.

His speech pattern, experts are saying, may be one huge reason for that tacit trust. Donald Trump has been described as having broken speech, fragmented sentences, and a limited vocabulary — all things that from the outside looking in would appear to be bad for a professional presidential campaign.

However, as the experts analyzed those speech patterns, they realized that this may actually be one factor that has propelled Trump to the top of the polls. They stated that the way Trump speaks mirrors the average American conversation, helping supporters to see him as a honest outsider.

“Trump’s speech is appealing to many because it contrasts with the rehearsed style of other candidates,” Georgetown University linguist Jennifer Sclafani told the U.K. Daily Mail.

While Trump is a highly educated man, he just seems to know how to talk to everyday people who may or may not be as educated as himself.

“Fragmented sentences are actually quite natural and common in everyday speech,” Sclafani explained. “People take notice of Trump’s fragmented sentences because they are less common in formal public speeches, which are often first written and rehearsed or read from a teleprompter.”

“When Trump speaks in public in a more conversational style, like in a victory speech or in a debate, he appears to many as a more relatable candidate because he speaks in the way we all do in everyday life,” she added. This is why many voters see him as “someone you could have a beer with.”

Well, reliability is key, and when voters say “he just tells it like it is,” what they are really saying is, “I relate to him.”

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