EXPOSED: Gowdy Blows Whistle on Sick Move Benghazi Committee Dems Did to Rig Outcome

Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi Trey Gowdy set the record straight when Rep. Elijah Cummings and other committee Democrats demanded they have a part in drafting the committee’s final report.

In a letter, Gowdy let committee members know that what they were trying to pull wasn’t going to get past him — at least not without his giving them a piece of his mind.

“It is mildly amusing that after two years of abject obstruction, after two years of not lifting a finger to assist the Majority with the investigation, after two years of doing everything in your power to prevent a report from being written, you now want to participate,” Gowdy wrote.

Gowdy accused the Democrats of habitually leaking information and mischaracterizing facts throughout the investigation.

“Any reasonable observer would conclude you want to ‘work’ on the report solely so you can leak and mischaracterize the new facts you now acknowledge have been found as a result of this investigation,” he said.

You can’t really argue with him on this point, because that’s exactly how it looks.

The former prosecutor also took a moment to refresh Cummings’ memory on just how much Democrats have obstructed the investigation and tried to discredit the committee. He explained several incidents in detail in his letter and even pointed out that in October 2015, all five of the Committee’s Democrat members voted to disband the Committee.

The tenacious representative also told Cummings that new information was uncovered despite his “best efforts to prevent it from happening.”

The Democrats’ attempt to subvert efforts to get at the truth were predictable, and while they might not have been able to subvert the investigation as they would have liked, they certainly earned an “A” for effort.

Their desire to now have input on the final draft still is little more than the hope for a final chance to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public, and Gowdy knows it.

H/T Newsmax

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