EXPOSED – Hillary’s ‘Character Witness’ Against Trump Involved In 1998 MURDER

Throughout this bitter, divisive campaign, there have been many “character witnesses” against Donald Trump. Almost without fail, many of these individuals have been found to be extremely undesirable or unreliable people.

Hillary Clinton decried Donald Trump for “fat-shaming” Alicia Machado, the winner of the 1996 Miss Universe Pageant, but she was actually an accomplice to a murder when she drove her then-boyfriend away after he killed his brother-in-law, per

Juan Rodriguez Reggeti allegedly shot Francisco Sbert Moukso at the funeral of his newly-deceased wife of all places, and Reggeti was a brother to the woman who had passed away.

He allegedly shot Moukso after his sister committed suicide off a fifth-floor balcony because he believed Moukso drove her to kill herself, and he wanted revenge for his sister.

Although several witnesses claim they saw Machado driving the car with her boyfriend, Machado’s lawyer called the claim a “huge stupidity” and that Machado “wasn’t even present at the time of the incident.”

Machado was not indicted for her alleged role in the crime because the judge did not believe the evidence was sufficient.

However, it did come out later that Machado had allegedly threatened to kill the judge if he indicted Sbert.

According to the judee, she “said she would make sure, using her friendship with the president [Rafael Caldera], that my career as judge is ruined and then she would kill me.”

Interestingly enough, Machado was put on conference call with Hillary Clinton and claimed to have been “sharing her story” about how “abusive” Donald Trump was to her for over twenty years, even though no reports have come out until now.

During that conference call, no mention whatsoever was made of that murder plot or the fact she was accused of being an accessory or threatening a judge in the aftermath.

This will definitely add to the immense amount of Clinton fatigue already in this race, and the fact this current story reads like an outdated John Grisham novel isn’t going to help matters much either. It’s time to put a stop to the Clinton body count and elect Donald Trump instead.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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