EXPOSED – WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary’s TREASONOUS Plan For Government Takeover

As the weeks and months of this campaign season have unfolded, we have learned many unpleasant things about Hillary Clinton. In the process, we have learned this woman would be a nightmare in the Oval Office. Well, hold on, because some of the mysterious Goldman Sachs transcripts were released by Wikileaks yesterday.

Clinton suggested during the speeches that we should rework Senate rules to undercut opposition to the Democrats, and said incumbents tend to not have the “full interests of the people” among other revelations, per Our worst fears about Hillary Clinton have literally been realized.

“I think nominees deserve a vote up or down,” she said. “Policies deserve a vote up or down.” The last part of this section of her comments is pretty telling: “I don’t think that a small handful of senators should stand in the way of that, because, you know, a lot of these senators are really obstructionist.”

“They should make their case,” Clinton continued. “They should go ahead and debate. But they shouldn’t be able to stop the action of the United States Senate. So I think there does have to be some rewording of the rules, particularly in the Senate.”

Just a brief history lesson for you, and you will realize why this is an extremely bad ideology for Clinton. In some respects, Clinton is every bit as far to the left as Bernie Sanders. When she was put in charge of healthcare reform as first lady in 1994, she was solidly in support of universal health care and showered great praise on Canada’s system. The only problem is single-payer health care results in high taxes and will kill almost any good business plan!

Of course, these Goldman Sachs speeches reveal other ominous things about her character. Her comments about incumbents are one case in point, and we can’t give her the benefit of the doubt on that. First of all, she has a good understanding of this because she has been an incumbent many times.

She discussed the prospect of gerrymandering and how it helps incumbents, but that strategy is definitely something one can easily picture Hillary Clinton doing. Remember, this is the same woman who said she takes two positions on everything – a public position and a private one.

“There has to be a new ethos,” Clinton said in this Goldman Sachs speech. “I mean, we can’t let people, as you say, be extortionists.”

The problem is that Clinton is once again talking out of both sides of her mouth. She claims she doesn’t want obstructionist viewpoints, yet changing the rules to benefit the rules for her Supreme Court appointments would be A-OK for her!

She claims she has a strong dislike for incumbents engaging in gerrymandering, yet her procedure modifications would be in the same vein as that practice. Clinton just revealed to you her evil plan to take over America.

Imagine a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court that was influenced by her new rules preventing GOP senators from blocking her appointments. First of all, she could end up picking someone really bad like she did for attorney general under Bill Clinton. He called Janet Reno the “worst decision he had ever made.” Secondly, your gun rights, your freedom of speech, and everything could have a new double standard where only causes on the left are granted access. No wonder Hillary didn’t want us to see her Goldman Sachs speeches!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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