EXPOSED – WikiLeaks Reveals Weird Thing Hillary Keeps In Her Campaign Van, Media SILENT

As we explore the revelations from the Podesta batch of emails released from Wikileaks, we notice a number of interesting things about Hillary Clinton. One of these is the picture of a brand new Chevrolet Express van, outfitted with a Limited SE package. It is an unassuming van with a sleek black color, perfect for transporting a VIP like Hillary to and from events. Hillary’s model also comes with a rather interesting modification.

It has a bed, per Clinton’s van has been seen literally everywhere, and you know the fact that it has a bed has to come in handy on a number of different occasions.

Under the weight of all of her event appointments (and perhaps the strain of all of her lies), Clinton was being walked to this same van and she collapsed. Perhaps it was a fainting spell, perhaps it was heat exhaustion, but Clinton needed help to get to the van.

So, the bed actually makes sense at this point as they feared the worst and were ready to deal with it.

BUT, it also proves that she has not exactly been honest with We the People. If her staff feared she would need a bed for medical emergencies, why are we not aware of it?

Hillary would have no need for a bed in her van—unless, of course, she has an ongoing health concern she is hiding from the public. Of course, there are other areas of concern to be garnered from this.

Remember when Hillary got off the plane in Bosnia and “had to dodge sniper fire?” No, we don’t remember that either because it didn’t happen. Remember when a group of Muslims watched a video and decided to attack a Libyan U.S. embassy and burn it for 13 hours? You don’t? Well, neither do we, and that is because it was a planned attack.

How about this one: do you remember when Hillary claimed she had heat-stroke and collapsed, yet it was only 80 degree weather outside? Yes, we remember that one.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and generally acts like a duck, then chances are it is a duck. Hillary, based on her track record of lying, is not telling the truth about her health.

So, if she is elected, who is really going to be running the country? Is it going to be her? Or will be another situation where a spouse is actually running the country, such as in the case of Eleanor Roosevelt?

Perhaps she will have goofy Tim Kaine run the country, even though her potential administration is quickly shaping into a traditional one where the VP does little if anything. Finally, of course, contrast this with a man who does indeed have the stamina to run this country—Donald Trump.

Contrast it further when you consider he picked Mike Pence, who will play a major role in his administration. Trump might indeed have a van, but there is definitely no need for a bed in it.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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