FAIL – Hillary Tries to Attack Trump As Anti-Woman, Forgets Who Her Husband Is!

Hello pot, meet kettle. Hilary Clinton is in absolutely no position to paint Donald Trump as a misogynist—not after being married to one of the most infamous womanizers of all time. Unlike Bill Clinton, Trump has not been accused of sexual assault or improper intimidate encounters with subordinates.

Hillary Clinton’s tweet was a pathetic attempt to deem Donald Trump as a sexist, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump has an extensive history of breaking glass ceilings for women.

While the Republican was hiring the first female construction site manager in the United States, Hillary was busy trying to destroy the reputation of another of her husband’s sexual assault accusers.

When Hillary was calling Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon,” Donald Trump was hiring women as top-tier executives in his multi-billion dollar corporation.

Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump never railroaded a child rape victim and then laughed about possessing the legal prowess to get her accuser out of jail.

Donald Trump has been married and divorced multiple times, and he never tried to white wash or hide that fact—unlike Hillary’s blatant rewritten history about her own marriage.

Does Trump, like nearly every man on the planet, appreciate the female form and notice the differences between the ladies he has encountered over the years?

Sure, but he does not hire, promote, or fire women based upon how attractive he feels they are—women of all ages, shapes, sizes, races, and ethnicities working at his company can attest to that fact.

If Hillary Clinton wants to make how men treat women an issue in the presidential election, it will be her downfall.

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