FBI Interview With Clinton Not Recorded, Not Under Oath

FBI Director James Comey has been in the hot seat Thursday, testifying before Congress as to why he did not bring charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On Saturday, Clinton was interviewed by “five or six” FBI agents for more than three hours over her mishandling of classified information.

Comey said he was not present during that interview, and admitted he had not even spoken with all the agents who were present during the interview.

Congressman John Mica of Florida asked Comey if there was a transcript or a recording of the interview, Comey said “No, but there is an analysis.”

When asked if Clinton testified under oath during that interview, Comey said, “No, but it would still be a crime if she lied to the FBI.”

Two days after an interview that he did not attend, that was not under oath, that was not recorded, and without even speaking to all the agents who interviewed Clinton, FBI Director informed the nation of the FBI’s final decision not to recommend criminal charges against Clinton.

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