FBI Sends Hillary Transcript to Congress, Just One HUGE Problem…

When Congress wanted the transcript of Hillary Clinton’s testimony to the FBI last month about her use of a private server, this isn’t exactly what they hoped to get:

A heavily redacted transcript that is apparently so sensitive that not even the chairman of the House Oversight Committee charged with investigations can see it.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is livid that this blacked-out testimony is what he received.

“As the chairman of the chief investigative body in the House, it is significant I can’t even read these documents in their entirety,” the Utah Republican told Fox News. “This shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former secretary’s unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable.”

The fact that so much of the FBI’s file is redacted clearly shows just how sensitive and classified the material was that Hillary Clinton was mishandling, despite whatever Clinton and her cronies say.

The FBI told the committee that the documents cannot be released in part or in full without prior agency approval.

“This information being highly classified according to the FBI is in direct conflict with what the State Department and Ms. Clinton have said is on the server. You could not have it both ways,” former military intelligence officer Tony Shaffer said. “You cannot say one day this is unclassified ‘nothing to see here’ and the next day, only certain people can see this and you must not be able to take it outside of a secure facility.”

Clinton was interviewed by the FBI about her mishandling of almost two dozen top-secret emails, including some dealing with the “special access programs,” which detail human assets, like spies on the ground. The 22 top secret emails were deemed by the intelligence community too damaging to national security to make public, even with large sections blacked out.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed it had received “FBI witness interview reports,” including that of Clinton’s interview.

“With the exception of the classified emails that had been found on the private server, I can see little legitimate purpose to which Congress will put these materials,” Schiff said in a statement.

The FBI confirmed that 113 classified emails were either sent or received by Clinton and another 2,000 were classified “after the fact.” At least three emails actually had classified markings.

Despite all this, FBI Director still didn’t recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

The House Oversight Committee questioned Comey for over five hours in July after he said no reasonable prosecutor would pursue criminal charges.

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