FED UP! 41,000 Sign Petition to Stop Paying Obama Until He Stops Doing THIS

President Obama has never spent a day in the Oval Office when politics wasn’t the order of the day. Every move he makes, every decision he makes, and every word he utters is vetted for political potency—100 percent a political creature. However, Obama has crossed the line from political ideologue to partisan politicking on the taxpayers’ dime, and some are unhappy to be flipping the bill.

Over 41,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Congress garnish Mr. Obama’s wages while he campaigns for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, per BizPac Review. The fact of the matter is that while he campaigns for Clinton, he is receiving a salary for executing his presidential duties.

Obama’s political actions literally find American taxpayers paying him to advocate for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. And with well over half the nation indicating they don’t trust her, that means over half the country is being forced to pay Obama for advocacy they disagree with.

An unnamed Clinton adviser stated to Bloomberg News that Obama plans to devote at least one or two days each week in October to campaign for Hillary Clinton. This campaigning both keeps him from doing the job he is paid to do and takes him away from Washington DC—complete with all the trappings of the office of the president.

The petition notes that a president’s salary is about $400,000 a year, breaking down to about $1,100 a day. This means you and I are paying Barack Obama $2,200 a week to campaign for Hillary Clinton. To put it in context, that is the equivalent to a $100,000-plus annual salary.

The cost of Air Force One, which because of security matters – both presidential and national – must go wherever the president goes, must be added in. It costs $180,000 for every hour Air Force One is airborne. A 4.5 hour flight from Washington, DC to Los Angeles would cost $810,000. As California is a favorite fundraising destination for progressives, one has to believe at least one trip next month will be to the Left Coast.

Additionally, you need to calculate the cost of Secret Service, the military escort, destination security teams, and the Air Force One travelling support apparatus.

Lastly, there is the matter of the slush-fund, catch-all expense account the president is afforded for “discharge of his official duties.” This amount totals in at $50,000 annually.

The petition, executed on the conservative petition site Stand United.org, which seeks to suspend all of these taxpayer allocations during the time Obama is shilling for Hillary Clinton, is clear in its demands.

“We the People demand that Congress withhold President Obama’s salary, pension, travel expenses, etc. for any time he spends actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton between now and the election in November,” the petition states. “When a lame duck president reaches his last few months in office, he often endorses a candidate from his party to secede him…Rarely, however, does that same lame duck president spend weeks or even months prior to the November election actively campaigning for his successor.”

The petition’s authors say that as “sole authority” for allocating federal revenues, Congress has the power to withhold federal funds for satisfying Obama’s salary due to the fact he is engaging in partisan political party business during work hours.

Truth be told, the idea is a good one that should probably be addressed through legislation so as to define just how far the president – as well as each and every elected official – is allowed to go with injecting politics into the business of government. Forbidding political activity during business hours might just force our political creatures to actually do some work on behalf of the people!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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