FEEL GOOD STORY: Black Lives Matter Members Blocking Traffic Get MOWED Down by Cars! WATCH!

Black Lives Matter protesters block the road and annoy people. They think blocking traffic and stopping people from living their life is OK. It’s not. And finally, people are starting to push back. This kind of push back comes at the expense of an automobile bumper.

Protesters who block traffic annoy me because they’re a detriment to people who have NOTHING to do with the situation they’re protesting.

Quite frankly, I think this video is hilarious.

Reminds me of the song by Ludacris, where his chorus is “move b*tch, get out the way” and guess what, someone moves them out of the way.

Protesters have no logic or analytic thinking skills. They get in the way instead of making a point. Protesters who block traffic make people like me stop listening and start yelling at them for being in the way. If I’m on the way to MY JOB, then get out of my way. If a parent is picking up their child, then get out of the way. If a woman is in labor and on the way to the hospital, then get out of the way. Even if someone is just driving because they’re bored, then get out of the way.

Protesters who block traffic are the lowest form of filth you can find. They’re rapist of the road. They’re taking advantage of our time and space and need to be somewhere.

I’m not the reason these people are mad, so stop blocking our path to enjoying our life. I don’t really care what you’re mad at anymore because now I’m mad at you.

If protesters want people to listen to them, then protest without being a nuisance. That makes too much sense and some of the protesters are incapable of acting civil in society.

Some protesters are ruthless animals who don’t care about anyone but themselves.

If protesters stood on the side of the road, then maybe I’d care about their message. Once they block traffic, then they also turn me off to any message they’re sharing.

The only thing I care about at that point is getting from point A to B and no longer care about any message they’re spreading.

Protesters need to stop being losers.

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